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Dear dog parents,

PetChow understands your pain.

It’s not easy to get your dog to eat nutritious food. I myself struggled with my pooch Coco. I had to hand-feed him and yet there were days when Coco wouldn’t show any interest. Dealing with fussy eaters can be taxing!

But if we think from a dog’s perspective, don’t you think we too would get bored eating the same kibble every day?

This one question made me think. Honestly, I was also worried for my dog’s dropping energy levels. I pondered and pondered…

…And the result is PetChow.

Deriving inspiration from my own experiences with my dog, I created this food add-on after a lot of research. PetChow takes the guess work out of feeding your dog. Whether you feed him kibble or homemade food, just a few sprays of PetChow would get the fussiest eaters enjoying their food.

The best part?

It’s bursting with nutrition AND is affordable.

A dream combo for us dog parents. Isn’t it?

PetChow has omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in it. So you don’t need to buy multiple syrups to feed your furry friend. Just one product for your pet’s nutrition needs. Formulated by expert canine nutritionists, PetChow adds both taste and nutrition to your dog’s daily diet. You’ll also see a drastic improvement in your dog’s energy levels.

All of this for the cost of one product! PetChow won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We have specifically kept the price in an affordable range so that all the furry good boys and girls can get all the tasty nutrition they need to live a long and healthy life.

Still got doubts?

Just give PetChow a try. Your dog will thank you.

With lots of love for your kiddo,

A fellow dog parent- Amitesh

Inspired by my needs, my dad created PetChow- a dog food add-on with the right mix of nutrition AND incredible taste! All you need to do is spray over the food and you’ll see the fussiest eaters gobble it up.

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