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Questions you might have in mind

No, PetChow isn’t a substitute for regular dog food. It is a nutrition-based food add on that has an appetising smell and incredible taste to make even the fussy eaters enjoy their food. You need to spray PetChow on the dog food and in no time your four-legged friend will gulp down their food!

Most definitely! 9 out of 10 dogs have liked PetChow during our independent trials. The product is specifically formulated to appeal to your dog’s taste and smell. As soon as you add it to your dog’s food, they’ll come out of hiding like bees swarm to flowers.

PetChow is a nutrition-based appetising food add-on that has all the important nutrients your pooch needs including vitamins, minerals, omega3 and 6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. It will help strengthen their bones and teeth, boost immunity, and make hair shine.

Yes, PetChow has been tested and proven to be beneficiary for dog health.

You’ll notice an improvement in your pupper’s energy levels. Their bones and teeth will be stronger, hair shinier, and immunity better.

Inspired by my needs, my dad created PetChow- a dog food add-on with the right mix of nutrition AND incredible taste! All you need to do is spray over the food and you’ll see the fussiest eaters gobble it up.

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